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No need to know the ABC’s of wine to enjoy a bubbly drink with friends when the day is calling for some excitement. Whether you’re sipping to some good news or treating yourself to a fizzy drink after a long day, splish splash offers a twist on champagne that will add a pop of color to your life by making any occasion worthy of a celebration. Twist, open, sip SPLISH SPLASH!

A Tale Of Anxiety: Anxiety has been a part of my life as long as I can remember, this companion I never asked for. Always here, slowing me down, making me afraid of so many things, making me feel like I have no control. Unable to move, unable to think straight. Soon enough, I realized it was not going anywhere, that I might as well figure out a way to live with it.

By creating, I can take back some power, using those fears makes me productive and perfectionist, always questioning what I'm doing so I won't fail. This project seems like an obvious way to externalize those feelings, share my experience and help others : the appropriate catharsis.

Modular identity proposal for the architect studio Fabre + de Marien based in Bordeaux, France. Much like the work of those two architects, this identity plays with shape and space in a minimalist way and adapts to its surroundings.

Design experiment playing with shapes, colors and gradients inspired by Toro Y Moi's album Boo Boo.

Wize is a brand of honey harvested from vineyard's flowers. Each variation is conceived after the characteristics of wine: white, red and rosé. Inspired by encyclopedic illustrations, Wize's indentity features patterns composed of the defining tastes elements of each honey: vegetal, floral, smokey.

Identity proposal for the belgian brand Filles à Papa centered around a display typeface created for this project.

After writing my bachelor thesis on street harassment, a phenomenon I've been a subject to since I was 11, I wanted to channel my experiences and those of others in a positive way. These goodies made for strategic places, often objectified, help us arm ourselves with words, confidence and solidarity against street harassment.